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Month: September, 2011

Settings of memories

Think of a powerful childhood memory. Maybe one that you return to often. Maybe one that is so powerful that you’ve spent the last twenty years trying not to think about it. Either way, I want you to think back, to hold the memory in your mind and savor it.

Then, I want you to write, not the memory itself, not what was said or left unsaid, not the events, but where you were. What you were seeing. The little details that maybe, maybe were things that you were not focusing on at the time. Think back, think hard, and see if there aren’t some things that you remember that you never realized that you knew.

Good, bad, serious or lighthearted, travel deep into a memory and see if you can’t learn some things from yourself.



How long do you keep the phone number of a dead man?

Write a scene where a character is dealing with this question. Life and death are two very powerful forces in this world, and how a character deals with them tells you a lot about the values and beliefs of that character. All of the actions you can take with the phone number of the dearly departed! Do you delete it? Hold on to it? Make midnight phone calls that go unanswered, to a voicemail that had been disconnected? Or something else, completely different?

It’s all up to you, but if you want to add a little style to the scene, write a changing character. Have him (or her) come to some sort of conclusion that wasn’t there before, or decide that some change is needed in their life. Whether you show the change or not is up to you, but show us the moment that the realization is made.

Enjoy writing, and remember – even when you’re writing fiction, memories and personal events in your life can spawn great ideas. Don’t be afraid to use them.


I’m not a very funny writer, and that’s God’s honest truth. I love to write drama, and what little humor I incorporate is usually the dry, gallows type. Don’t let this happen to you!

Write a dramatic scene where the tension is cut by humor. It can be intentional or not, situational or not, it can work or not, you name it. Sometimes things are funny simply because if you truly let yourself think of how miserable you are, you’ll start to cry and never stop. So, laugh, instead.

There I go, being melodramatic. A simple scene. Have a character tell a joke! Break the ice. Make someone laugh. Have fun!

Song Poem – the story of a song

Listen to an instrumental piece of music that means something to you. One that really makes you fee something, that you can close your eyes and imagine a scene of what is going on in that music.

Then, as you’re listening, start to write a poem of what that song is saying to you. Write, as a poem, the scene that you imagine when you hear it. Post the link of the song, as well, or at the very least, the title. I’d like to hear what inspired you!

She was different than other people.

Very open ended, today. All I want to how she was different. You can take any route you want to get there, as long as you answer that question.

Future tense, second person

There’s a lot of experimentation that goes along with writing. Some writers might try something new every once in a while, from writing in third person instead of first or past tense instead of present. But the two ways of telling a story that seem to get neglected are also useful ways of learning.

Today, write a story in both second person (you) and the future tense (are going to). It doesn’t have to be masterpiece, just take it seriously and try to take something from the exercise. Post your results here!

Thunder and Lightning

Write a scene today where either thunder or lightning (or both) provide just a little bit more than background noise.  Have the plot be started or kick started by a crash of thunder or a lightning strike, and see what happens… what kind of situations can you think of where one of these things would have a direct impact on the plot?


Fruit – in a sentence

Hello!  If you’ve never been here before, I’m Lee, and this is our second prompt of the day!  Today’s prompt is: Fruit – in a sentence.

I want you to think of a piece of fruit in your minds. Any fruit. Then, I want you to describe it using as detailed of language as you can possibly think of. Sensory, physical, metaphysical.. whatever. Just write about the fruit, at least a paragraph… let’s say 200 words.

Now. I want you to pick out your favorite sentence, and post it here. Just the one that you liked the best, that you think did the best job of capturing something original and evocative.

The point is to spend more time writing to find the one sentence you would actually use in the final edit, and for a wonderful way that I have found to write something original and thoughtful without spending too much time on it.

Post what you come up with, I would love to see it!  Have fun!

The monster under the bed

Today’s prompt of the day:

Write a scene about the monster under the bed. Real, imagined, or somewhere in between – what makes you afraid of the dark?

Go anywhere, write anything. Have fun!

Welcome to Prompt of the Day!


My name is Lee, and welcome to your daily fix.  I’ve been keeping a daily prompt running on, a link aggregate site, for the last five months and I’ve attracted far more readers than I ever imagined I would.  So I’m creating a blog where I can do the same thing, to share with even more people.

This is a place where anything is welcome.  I will post a writing prompt every day, and your job is to write!  The rules are simple:

  • Write.
  • If you feel comfortable, share.  I will read every single piece of writing that is submitted, and I will critique it.  Not a very long critique, but I will always tell you one thing I liked and one thing that I felt didn’t work.
  • Try to keep posts short, for the sake of others trying to read your work.  Formatting can be lost in longer posts, and if it’s unreasonably long (say, over a few hundred words) find someplace to put it and post a link.  Google Docs is great for this.  So is Scribd.
  • Have fun.

And that’s it!  This is a place to grow, to share, to learn.  I’ll post the first prompt tomorrow, and then we can get started!  I’m so excited to see what everyone has to say!