How long do you keep the phone number of a dead man?

by leeshelly

Write a scene where a character is dealing with this question. Life and death are two very powerful forces in this world, and how a character deals with them tells you a lot about the values and beliefs of that character. All of the actions you can take with the phone number of the dearly departed! Do you delete it? Hold on to it? Make midnight phone calls that go unanswered, to a voicemail that had been disconnected? Or something else, completely different?

It’s all up to you, but if you want to add a little style to the scene, write a changing character. Have him (or her) come to some sort of conclusion that wasn’t there before, or decide that some change is needed in their life. Whether you show the change or not is up to you, but show us the moment that the realization is made.

Enjoy writing, and remember – even when you’re writing fiction, memories and personal events in your life can spawn great ideas. Don’t be afraid to use them.