Prompt of the Day originated as a germ of an idea on Reddit.com, when I asked the community of /r/writing (a forum with over 23,000 readers!) if they would appreciate a daily writing prompt.  That was in May 0f 2011, and here I am now, spreading out a bit.

I love reading what others think of after reading a prompt that I have written.  I always have a story in mind when I create prompts, and to see what others come up with that is completely different than anything I would have written is a wonderful feeling.  I try to give critiques to everyone who posts – not because I feel I am any better than any other writer, I have much to learn myself – but because I think that anyone can benefit from someone reading their work and telling them, even if only from a single perspective, what works and what does not.

There are only a couple of rules:

  • Write.
  • If you feel comfortable, share.  I will read every single piece of writing that is submitted, and I will critique it.  Not a very long critique, but I will always tell you one thing I liked and one thing that I felt didn’t work.
  • Try to keep posts short, for the sake of others trying to read your work.  Formatting can be lost in longer posts, and if it’s unreasonably long (say, over a few hundred words) find someplace to put it and post a link.  Google Docs is great for this.  So is Scribd.
  • Have fun.

You can find the forum (subreddit, for those of you familiar with the site) here.  Thank you for visiting!