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Write a scene where a character gets a promotion they don’t think they deserved. This could be screwing over a coworker to get the recognition from the boss, cheating on the last test before graduation, or just feeling inadequate or unprepared.

Zero in on character emotions – are they trying to rationalize it? Are they trying to convince themselves that they are ready for the experience? If achieved by devious means, how does the character view their actions?

Have fun, and enjoy!



Write a scene today about the act of viewing the memories of another person.

This can be interpreted however you want it to be, from imagining memories while reading a letter to a Vulcan mind-meld, and written in any genre you can think of.


Sleep Deprivation

Write a scene today about a character who has gone far too long without sleep. And not just in a ‘I went to bed too late last night’… make it a significant amount.

They say weird things happen when you’ve gone without sleep for too long. You start seeing things. Thinking in different ways. You lose inhibitions, and stop thinking as clearly as you vaguely remember being able to do.

Come up with any scenario that puts your character in this position, and just have fun with it.




Write a scene from the point of view of a character who has a physical deformity. It can be as obvious or as subtle as you want it to be, but keep in mind that it matters more how your character feels about it.

Some ideas to get you started: Are they in public, or private? In a hospital? Is there a story behind the deformity, or injury? Tell us the story this person tells everyone who asks about it. Now tell us the real story. Is this a recent event, or has it been this way all their life?

Have fun!

Your silhouette in moonlight

I don’t often do romantic prompts, but that’s the one area that I really feel doesn’t get enough attention. This is my attempt at one, day. You don’t have to write romance, of course! There are options.

If you want to write romance, write a scene where either of the two man characters either thinks about or says something about this to the other. I’m sure you can find a way to work it out somehow, and make it way more romantic than I just did.

If romance isn’t really your thing, write a memory about the prompt. It doesn’t have to be about a lover… it can really be anything that you can think of. A car? The mothership?

Have fun with it!



Write a scene about a character who is watching an event happening in real time.  They cannot influence what they are watching or interact with the people involved in any way.

This can be literally about anything that covers those parameters, and in any genre you want to write.  Anything from watching a security camera to a screen aboard a starship – be creative.


The March

Write a scene where a character is marching for some reason, or is a part of a march. What is it about? What is their goal, why did they choose to get involved?

For something to think about (and feel free not to include this) consider the other side – that your character could be wrong. Does this thought ever cross their minds, or are they firmly convinced of their side?


Quality Flip

Think of qualities that you really like about yourself, and things that you don’t like about yourself. I wish I had more willpower, I’m glad that I’m so sensitive, etc. it could be anything that you like or don’t like – the things you pride yourself on and the things you’re ashamed of.

Now, create a character who had those same qualities, but switched. Instead of liking their sense of humor, they hate it. Instead of feeling like they haven’t been doing anything with their life, they look back on all of their accomplishments with pride.

Write a scene about this character, this shadow you. This is a great way to give a character some depth, as well as write about qualities that you’re already very familiar with, in a very different way.

Happy writing!

How long do you keep the phone number of a dead man?

Write a scene where a character is dealing with this question. Life and death are two very powerful forces in this world, and how a character deals with them tells you a lot about the values and beliefs of that character. All of the actions you can take with the phone number of the dearly departed! Do you delete it? Hold on to it? Make midnight phone calls that go unanswered, to a voicemail that had been disconnected? Or something else, completely different?

It’s all up to you, but if you want to add a little style to the scene, write a changing character. Have him (or her) come to some sort of conclusion that wasn’t there before, or decide that some change is needed in their life. Whether you show the change or not is up to you, but show us the moment that the realization is made.

Enjoy writing, and remember – even when you’re writing fiction, memories and personal events in your life can spawn great ideas. Don’t be afraid to use them.