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That is, unfortunately, not a word that I made up. I thought I was SO CLEVER. Damn you, Google search!

Anyway. Today’s prompt is to write something that is not quite poetry, and not quite prose. Sentences with words chosen because they have a nice sound together, but are not separated into stanzas or verses. Or, they could be… but keep the narrative cohesive. That is to say, separate the sentences into lines, but be able to read them all as one sentence.

Or, of course and as always, feel free to come up with something that I have not outlined here, as long as its in the spirit of the original prompt.




Write a scene today about the act of viewing the memories of another person.

This can be interpreted however you want it to be, from imagining memories while reading a letter to a Vulcan mind-meld, and written in any genre you can think of.


The map of your body

Write a map of your lover’s body, from a character’s point of view, a fictional one point of view, or any other point of view that strikes you, including your own (I’ll never know).

This could be a poem, an actual map, a humorous take on the body of a loved one, or an intimate scene between two people. Take it in whatever direction feels right to you, and post your results!


She was different than other people.

Very open ended, today. All I want to how she was different. You can take any route you want to get there, as long as you answer that question.

Fruit – in a sentence

Hello!  If you’ve never been here before, I’m Lee, and this is our second prompt of the day!  Today’s prompt is: Fruit – in a sentence.

I want you to think of a piece of fruit in your minds. Any fruit. Then, I want you to describe it using as detailed of language as you can possibly think of. Sensory, physical, metaphysical.. whatever. Just write about the fruit, at least a paragraph… let’s say 200 words.

Now. I want you to pick out your favorite sentence, and post it here. Just the one that you liked the best, that you think did the best job of capturing something original and evocative.

The point is to spend more time writing to find the one sentence you would actually use in the final edit, and for a wonderful way that I have found to write something original and thoughtful without spending too much time on it.

Post what you come up with, I would love to see it!  Have fun!