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Tag: Horror

The sound

Something simple today. Listen to this video (it’s long, but you’ll get the idea in the first 30 seconds). Write an explanation for where the sound is coming from.

There are many other strange sounds that could have equally strange and fictitious stories behind them… in fact, there’s a wikipedia page for them. If you prefer the thought of writing a story based off of one of those, go for it!



Patient Zero

Doing something really open ended today.  Write a scene about the first person to get and start spreading a contagious disease.

Are they aware of what’s going on?

Have fun, and write whatever part of this scenario grabs your attention.

The worst pain

Remember the worst pain that you have ever felt.  It could be a cyst.  Or breaking your arm.  Or a shark attack.  Anything that you remember as excruciating and something that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.
But characters… they need some suffering sometimes.  Write a scene where you take that pain and have a character experience it, but let them experience it from an outside source.  This is not the character’s doing – if you broke your arm, let your character’s arm be broken.  If you have terrible, awful headaches… let something be living there.
The antagonist is not, in any way, required to be human.  I’m thinking monsters, you can think (and write) whatever you want, as long as the pain is coming from an outside source.
Have fun

The monster under the bed

Today’s prompt of the day:

Write a scene about the monster under the bed. Real, imagined, or somewhere in between – what makes you afraid of the dark?

Go anywhere, write anything. Have fun!