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Tag: Humor

Just Kidding

Write a scene where a serious situation turns out to have been a practical joke the whole time.

This can be the reveal, the plan, the set-up, a slip part way through… anything you can think of and that captures your imagination.

Have fun!



I’m not a very funny writer, and that’s God’s honest truth. I love to write drama, and what little humor I incorporate is usually the dry, gallows type. Don’t let this happen to you!

Write a dramatic scene where the tension is cut by humor. It can be intentional or not, situational or not, it can work or not, you name it. Sometimes things are funny simply because if you truly let yourself think of how miserable you are, you’ll start to cry and never stop. So, laugh, instead.

There I go, being melodramatic. A simple scene. Have a character tell a joke! Break the ice. Make someone laugh. Have fun!