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Tag: Setting


Write a scene today about the act of viewing the memories of another person.

This can be interpreted however you want it to be, from imagining memories while reading a letter to a Vulcan mind-meld, and written in any genre you can think of.



The sound

Something simple today. Listen to this video (it’s long, but you’ll get the idea in the first 30 seconds). Write an explanation for where the sound is coming from.

There are many other strange sounds that could have equally strange and fictitious stories behind them… in fact, there’s a wikipedia page for them. If you prefer the thought of writing a story based off of one of those, go for it!


Autumn Nostalgia

There is something sad about fall.  Something sweetly nostalgic, a loss keenly felt and still vague in memory.  The life and warmth of the summer months is slowly fading into the chill of winter, so slowly that the movement is only barely perceptible.

But it’s still there, and we still feel it.  Write a scene, today, about October.  If you feel the same sense of nostalgia as I do, what are you nostalgic for?  Is there an October of years past that you remember sharply, and still yearn for?  Or is the feeling from nothing more than a sense of how autumn should feel?


Settings of memories

Think of a powerful childhood memory. Maybe one that you return to often. Maybe one that is so powerful that you’ve spent the last twenty years trying not to think about it. Either way, I want you to think back, to hold the memory in your mind and savor it.

Then, I want you to write, not the memory itself, not what was said or left unsaid, not the events, but where you were. What you were seeing. The little details that maybe, maybe were things that you were not focusing on at the time. Think back, think hard, and see if there aren’t some things that you remember that you never realized that you knew.

Good, bad, serious or lighthearted, travel deep into a memory and see if you can’t learn some things from yourself.