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Curiosity killed the cat

A very open prompt for you today. The prompt is nothing more than this: write a scene where curiosity about a situation ends poorly. Humans are incredibly curious creatures, and it does get us into trouble sometimes.

You don’t even have to write about anything human, if it doesn’t appeal to you. The saying is about a cat for a reason, right?

Have fun!



Myths are a classic source of inspiration, and taking an old myth and modernizing it is an often used trick of authors to tell a story. Ulysses, for example, by James Joyce (and touted as the greatest novel of the previous century), is based off of the Odyssey.

So take a myth and mix it up a little. Put it in modern day, change the characters a little bit, and see what happens. Don’t limit yourself, either – the Greeks and the Romans had some great myths, sure, but there are other cultures out there that have some weird ones.


Future tense, second person

There’s a lot of experimentation that goes along with writing. Some writers might try something new every once in a while, from writing in third person instead of first or past tense instead of present. But the two ways of telling a story that seem to get neglected are also useful ways of learning.

Today, write a story in both second person (you) and the future tense (are going to). It doesn’t have to be masterpiece, just take it seriously and try to take something from the exercise. Post your results here!