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That is, unfortunately, not a word that I made up. I thought I was SO CLEVER. Damn you, Google search!

Anyway. Today’s prompt is to write something that is not quite poetry, and not quite prose. Sentences with words chosen because they have a nice sound together, but are not separated into stanzas or verses. Or, they could be… but keep the narrative cohesive. That is to say, separate the sentences into lines, but be able to read them all as one sentence.

Or, of course and as always, feel free to come up with something that I have not outlined here, as long as its in the spirit of the original prompt.




Write a scene where a character gets a promotion they don’t think they deserved. This could be screwing over a coworker to get the recognition from the boss, cheating on the last test before graduation, or just feeling inadequate or unprepared.

Zero in on character emotions – are they trying to rationalize it? Are they trying to convince themselves that they are ready for the experience? If achieved by devious means, how does the character view their actions?

Have fun, and enjoy!


Write a scene today about the act of viewing the memories of another person.

This can be interpreted however you want it to be, from imagining memories while reading a letter to a Vulcan mind-meld, and written in any genre you can think of.


The sound

Something simple today. Listen to this video (it’s long, but you’ll get the idea in the first 30 seconds). Write an explanation for where the sound is coming from.

There are many other strange sounds that could have equally strange and fictitious stories behind them… in fact, there’s a wikipedia page for them. If you prefer the thought of writing a story based off of one of those, go for it!


Sleep Deprivation

Write a scene today about a character who has gone far too long without sleep. And not just in a ‘I went to bed too late last night’… make it a significant amount.

They say weird things happen when you’ve gone without sleep for too long. You start seeing things. Thinking in different ways. You lose inhibitions, and stop thinking as clearly as you vaguely remember being able to do.

Come up with any scenario that puts your character in this position, and just have fun with it.



Just Kidding

Write a scene where a serious situation turns out to have been a practical joke the whole time.

This can be the reveal, the plan, the set-up, a slip part way through… anything you can think of and that captures your imagination.

Have fun!


Write a scene from the point of view of a character who has a physical deformity. It can be as obvious or as subtle as you want it to be, but keep in mind that it matters more how your character feels about it.

Some ideas to get you started: Are they in public, or private? In a hospital? Is there a story behind the deformity, or injury? Tell us the story this person tells everyone who asks about it. Now tell us the real story. Is this a recent event, or has it been this way all their life?

Have fun!

The map of your body

Write a map of your lover’s body, from a character’s point of view, a fictional one point of view, or any other point of view that strikes you, including your own (I’ll never know).

This could be a poem, an actual map, a humorous take on the body of a loved one, or an intimate scene between two people. Take it in whatever direction feels right to you, and post your results!


Finding God

Write a poem about finding God.

Some people think that God is everywhere, and all you need to do to find Him is open your eyes, and see for the first time. That would make a lovely poem.

Or you could write a poem about finding God in a pit stop toilet stall halfway between here and LA. Or you can write a poem about not finding Him at all.  Or about the journey itself.  Up to you, really.

Have fun!

Curiosity killed the cat

A very open prompt for you today. The prompt is nothing more than this: write a scene where curiosity about a situation ends poorly. Humans are incredibly curious creatures, and it does get us into trouble sometimes.

You don’t even have to write about anything human, if it doesn’t appeal to you. The saying is about a cat for a reason, right?

Have fun!